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Being a Raptors fan is frustrating, but here comes game 7

Alright, so that didn’t go as expected. Let’s do a recap of what went wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, the Raptors had waves of success, where their defence tightened up, they had a couple turnovers and they were driving the ball in the net.

However, I did say they were waves.

The 76ers stayed hot for majority of the game, with small spurts of the Raptors making up some lost points, mainly in the beginning of the second and third quarters.

The biggest problem was that, plain and simply, the Raptors were not making shots. Lowry, Green and Gasol struggled especially. There were countless wide-open shots that were either not taken or not made.

The bench held even more missed shots again for Toronto. In game 7, that is just simply unacceptable. I think that’s enough said here.

Toronto shot 25% from behind the arc. Even from two-point range, Raps sat less than 45% the entire game, making 35/81 on all field goals.  

Going into the fourth quarter with a 20-point deficit pretty much solidified the fact that the Raps  were coming back to Toronto for game 7.

The Raps are missing a lot of easy shots, they aren’t controlling the 76ers playmakers like Butler, Simmons, Reddick and Harris, and there have just been too many turnovers.

Either way, the Bucks will be waiting for a team to play on Wednesday night in game 1 of the conference finals. Is this the Raptors team that is fit to face them?

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