Despite the catch, trading Pillar was still the right move

Pillar is doing Pillar things in San Francisco. From the outside, especially from Toronto media you would think Kevin Pillar is having a career year since being traded from Toronto. But they would have you fooled.

In the first few days on his new team, Pillar hit a grand slam which gained major traction north of the border. The same thing happened when he scaled the center field wall in Cincinnati this past week to rob an extra base hit from rookie Nick Senzel.

But while Pillar is racking up highlights, his consistency at the plate is still the same old issue. Ever since joining the Giants, Pillar is slashing .223/.255/.653. The sample size is small at just over one hundred at-bats and he is adjusting to the more pitcher friendly National League but a near .250 on base percentage is way too low. Pillar having a OPS at or below .700 is nothing new but a OBP hovering around .250… damn.

Pillar is a 30-year-old player who relies heavily on his defence to remain in a starting lineup in the major leagues. A year and a half away from being a free agent dealing Pillar was a no-brainer.

The Blue Jays are at least three years away from competing again. A then 33 going on 34-year-old center fielder who relies on his athleticism wouldn’t be a part of that team. That is a fact.

Pillar is a great guy, and was fantastic for the Blue Jays but taking advantage of the little value he had left was an easy choice for Shapiro and Co.

I am going to go out on a limb and even say that by 2022 Pillar will be struggling to find a spot on a MLB roster.  

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