How the Raptors will finish the 76ers in game six

Let’s end this in six, shall we?

The Raptors have a chance to win the series in Game 6 tomorrow night. Here’s how they will do it:

First, keep our defence tight and consistent. The Raps have kept the 76ers under 100 points throughout this entire series. Playing up-tight, one-to-one defence, maximizing defensive rebounds and forcing offensive fouls will continue to be key in gaining possession time.

Taming the 76ers’ playmakers will also ensure that the Raps exploit any opportunity to force turnovers.

On the offensive end, they were starting to get the hang of it in game 5. Kawhi will hopefully pull the same stats that he has in almost every game during the post-season. But support from Lowry, Siakam, Green and Gasol needs to assure the Raptors don’t rely on Leonard playing like Jordan in the 90s.

Oh, not to mention the bench, which had been outscored solely by Greg Monroe until game 5. Monroe, who was released by the Raptors during the season, was scooped up by the 76ers at the beginning of April and has impressed in limited minutes off the bench.

The bench need to land more shots and find ways to make plays. Which brings me to my next point: if the three is not landing, give up on the three.

The Raptors have consistently fallen into the trap of trying to force their 3-point game to work. Raps shot 17/64 (26%) from behind the arc in game two and three combined. Including a whopping one point from Fred VanVleet.

If the Raptors manage to check all of those boxes, they should have game 6 in the bag.

Hopefully we can avoid an extra flight *insert Drake* back to Toronto for game seven.

Game six is in Philadelphia on Thursday at 8PM EST.

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