Why Justin Bieber is good for the Toronto Maple Leafs

If you’ve watched any Toronto Maple Leafs hockey this season, you may have recognized a familiar Canadian pop star in attendance. It was no mystery prior to this year that Justin Bieber was a Leafs fan. However, he has been showing his face more frequently at Scotiabank Arena.

Say what you will about the 25-year old Stratford, Ontario native, his presence around the Maple Leafs has been nothing but positive. Since participating in a game of pick up hockey with Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, and Tyson Barrie, Bieber is on his way to becoming the unofficial A-list celebrity ambassador of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Justin Bieber can be credited with putting Canadian music on the map, and oozes influence worldwide. From a business standpoint, having Bieber associated with the Leafs organization is fantastic. He is active on social media, and has posted a plethora of pictures of him with and around Leafs players to his 124 million Instagram followers.

Speaking of JB and Matthews, the two have grown heartwarmingly close:

Justin Bieber’s positive influence on the Leafs goes far beyond the players. As we all witnessed last season, Bieber’s fellow Canadian music star, Drake, positioned himself at the forefront of the Toronto Raptors championship run. Drake was eccentric (some would argue to the point of being annoying, but we don’t think so) and constantly fed the media with pro-Toronto sound bytes and video clips.

From what we have seen thus far, Justin Bieber has shown the same level of excitement when witnessing the Leafs success – often giving high fives to fellow fans and hugging players post-game.

If you separate the man from his past, which he has been working on as of late, there’s no arguing Bieber would make for an extremely influential ambassador for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The NHL is known for failing to branch out from their niche and create new viewership. In the NBA, celebrities are applauded by home crowds and welcomed by team’s courtside, furthering the overall relevance of the organization as a whole.

Toronto has two viable options in Justin Bieber and Drake at their disposal. Bieber is currently a free agent in terms of being a sports team ambassador, and it is likely he’d be open to the opportunity judging from his frequent attendance at games and chemistry with the players.

From a fan and player perspective, as well as a business standpoint, the Toronto Maple Leafs would be smart to entertain the possibility of making Justin Bieber an ambassador.

Should the Maple Leafs make Justin Bieber an ambassador?

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